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Spotter is an offline search engine that prioritizes privacy. It operates by scanning data and ensuring that it remains exclusively on your on-premise servers, securely protected behind your firewall. It functions efficiently even without requiring an active internet connection.


Deriving Powerful Insights from Your Data

Experience the power of smart insights at super fast speeds. 

Builtin OCR Engine

OCR helps Spotter to extract text from Images and PDFs that would have been extremely difficult to search traditionally.

Support 100+ Doc Formats

From popular formats like DOC, PPT to compressed files like ZIP, TAR, etc. Spotter can scan and process 100+ document formats.

On-premise Infastructure

Spotter is privacy first and we believe that your data should only be kept on your server secure behind your firewall. You can even set it up on an offline server.

API Integrations

Everything you do on Spotter web interface can be achieved using the API calls. This makes integrating it with your existing systems extremely easy and convenient.

WHAT Makes US Different

Solutions Tailored to IP Industry and Your Needs!

Instead of making generic products we develop highly customizable solutions with IP knowledge integrated into it. Not only this, we value your opinions as your feedback plays a vital role in future updates and feature roadmap.

Offline First

Spotter is built keeping data privacy in mind. You can deploy it on-premise behind your organization's firewall and it does not even need internet connection to work.

Semantic Search

Don't just search with the keywords, go above and beyond using the built in semantic search. Semantic search tries to search for your data without losing the context of your query.

IP Knowledge

Spotter has years of IP knowledge coded into it to better process your data. It can extract key terms, summarize patent text, organize related documents and do much more!

Language No Bar

We believe your data should be presented in your language. We have integrated offline ML models in Spotter that help you find documents even if you do not speak the language.

Spotter In Numbers

Our Journey So Far

Here are some numbers that can help you get an idea about the capabilities of Spotter.

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Data Scanned
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Document Formats
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Avg. Response Time

Team Behind Spotter

Anmol Saini

Anmol Saini

Technical Architect
Setting vision for the team with his 10+ years of experience in the IP domain.
Sarthak Jain

Sarthak Jain

Product Lead
Managing and leading the development with 6+ years of experience in the IP domain.
Sahil Kapoor

Sahil Kapoor

Sr. Software Developer
Creating efficient and innovative solutions to solve IP domain problems.


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